For Writing a Newspaper Article – What to Have in Place Before You Write a News Article

If you want to write effective news articles, you need to do your homework.

1. Find out what the best stories of the day are. Get out there and discover what’s happening. You could cover all kinds of stories, but I suggest you keep your readers in mind. Write you news articles to fit the needs of you readers. What would they want to read? Find out what’s going on that may be entertaining to your readers. If you are writing about government, find out what the latest news is.

2. Do your research. Don’t start writing your articles until you have collected an abundance of information related to your story. Interview people who may have seen what happened and don’t leave anything undiscovered.

3. Make sure you have the facts. If you want your news articles to be well written, you need to make sure that they are factual. Check every resource from all angles to get the most amount of information on you story. Don’t make things up just to fill in the rest of your story. Doing so will only hurt your credibility.

4. Make sure you have an outline in place before you start writing. Figure out the best way that you can present your information to get your audience to read your article. Create a body that contains every bit of information you would like to include. Then, make sure to put the best information firs. That way you keep your readers attention all the way through your newspaper article.

IMindMap Mobile HD Mind Mapping Software for iPad

One of the hottest products to date is the APPLE’s iPad. It is like a culmination of a multi media machine that is both inspired by two jewel products of MAC the iPhone and Macbook. Along with iPad and other leading multimedia are a lot of software application tools that you can install on the machine all advertising the huge benefits one can get coupled with it when used or employed. One of the application software is the iMindMap Mobile HD, a cool and innovative mind mapping software on par on the essential concept from whence the iPad itself came from.

iMindMap Mobile HD

iMindMap Mobile HD is a mind mapping software created and intended only for the iPad machine. It is a mind mapping software that has been proven and tested to boost brain efficiency and productivity. It is software tool you can used in capturing your ideas and turning it into finished products that it should be, would it be business report presentation, product launch, event planning, or anything that your mind can come up with.

With this mind mapping tool, you will be able to see and capture your ideas in a whole new perspective and be able to act on it, and see through no matter how complex it might be through visual thinking. This software tool does will allow you to see ideas in endless possibilities, endless directions and pathways to your train of thought, pretty more than you could possibly conceive when doing creative and critical thinking the old fashioned way.

iMindMap Mobile HD is a tool that is solely designed and intended for your iPad to allow you to use the potential of the device. It will help you plan projects on the go, anywhere and anytime. Saving your ideas and putting it in your mind map will allow you to easily share it to your peers, business clients, and project teams allowing interactive discussion or brainstorming to reach targeted results or direction that your mind map can present.

A lot are using this powerful mind maps. In fact, these are employed by leading companies in the world to enhance brain creativity and critical thinking. This is used to enhance employee efficiency and productivity as well as its seemingly limitless possibilities that your single idea can reach through visual thinking.

iMindMap Mobile HD is just simply a blank slate of a drawing board where you can put in anything but in an iPad and so much more.

Can You Grow a Sustainable Network Marketing Business Online?

People want to learn how to market their business online. They want that automated system they keep reading about with having an online marketing program. Is it possible to grow a sustainable Network marketing business online?

The more I learn about this business the more I have learned you have to be able to talk to people offline to really grow your business. Sure online funnels are great to sift through leads generated online and if this is done right you can get a lot of good quietly leads from your online funnels. But, you will still have to talk to those leads to get them to sign up. You might get a few that will make it through the funnel and sign up, Good job, great web site, but to really increase your closure rate you will need to call your leads. Show them that you are a real person.

Network Marketing is a personal business. We are in the business to help others. Sure you may think your product is great and it can change the lives of those out there, they don’t want your product. You have probably heard the saying that people don’t join companies they join people. In today’s marketing environment this is truer than ever. Why do people own a DVR? They don’t want to watch the commercials. That is all you are doing by leading with your product, you are just another commercial. You can flood all the social media sites with your product and see what happens. Not much. In today’s economy people don’t want to buy over priced products when they can go to Wal-Mart and get a similar product for less money. The value is in you. What do YOU have to offer the person?

Don’t sell them your product. Let them know what you can do to help them. First you need to find out what their problem is. Ask them questions. Trying to just push your product or business on someone will push them away. Trying to tell someone you can help them become financially free when they all ready have a high paying job and don’t have much debt is not a good selling point. Money is not their problem. It is also true about trying to sell someone a new super energy drink to a professional health instructor is not going to work either. Ask them how they like their job, would they like more free time, or the biggest question, are they open to an opportunity. If they aren’t open then they probably aren’t someone you want in your business anyway. These types of people don’t usually become those top performers you are looking for. People want to know why they should join you. Are you really going to help them solve their problem? This is the question you need to prove to them.

First you need to find the problem, and then explain how you can help resolve that problem. If you can solve an issue someone has then this builds confidence the person has with you. This confidence is what will get them to join YOU not your business, and that’s what you want. When a person buys into you then you have established yourself as a leader. Being a leader is the value, being a commercial just gets the fast forward button pushed on the DVR.

So going back to my original question of being able to grow a sustainable business online? NO. Online is great to meet people but at some point in time you need to get off your computer and pick up the phone or meet people in person.

Make Money Online Tips: Don’t Make This Mistake!

Of all the problems of internet marketing I’ve encountered, this one has inspired me to pass along some “make money online tips” for you…

I’ve always been a strong advocate of YouTube, because it’s the third most trafficked site on the internet today, and consequently, this makes your advertisements easier to rank.

And, for a long time, I was encouraging people to make a YouTube video to promote their stuff… until I experienced this major internet marketing problem… and hence, these make money online tips are for you…

The first of all make money online tips… the problem with YouTube…

Here’s the rub with selling on YouTube: It’s real easy to get the your account shut down. All you need is six people who hate you enough to mark your video as “spam flagged”, and you’re out of business…

And this is a MAJOR internet marketing problem!

I used to think, “well, everyone likes me, why would anyone every want to hurt me?” Because that has been my experience, for the most part, in life.

However, when you’re marketing online, you actually want people to hate you.

More make money online tips:… How do your readers perceive you?

If people out there are hating you, you’re hitting a nerve. It means you’re becoming passionate… and when people are out there hating you… there are always people who will really LOVE YOU!

And you don’t want people to just be “lukewarm” about your content – because real passion brings real sales, and that’s NOT an internet marketing problem!

So as soon as I started to get a little good at making videos and hitting those nerves (which took me about a year of hard work)… and I started getting tons of great comments and my videos were ranking like crazy on Google…

… there was a hater out there who managed to shut me down!

Bottom line, YouTube is for entertainment. So if it’s entertainment you’re selling, YouTube is a great place for it. But if you’re looking for tips to making money online, don’t put all your chips in YouTube, because it can turn into a real internet marketing problem.

So if not YouTube, what are the best money making online tips for generating real home income?

First of all, don’t discard YouTube altogether. It is a very highly trafficked site, and, as long as you use it tastefully, you’re likely not to be flagged for a long time.

What do I mean by this? I mean use YouTube for training information – the “how to do ___ on the internet” will get you a lot of traffic, and don’t put your capture page immediately under the video. Instead, put another link to a blog post where people can get more information.

Videos are a great way of getting people to pay attention, as studies show that people pay way more attention to pictures and sound then just words. (In fact, I strongly suggest that you load your blog post with images to attract more attention!)

And what about other make money online tips besides videos?

There are other ways to get videos out there besides YouTube… and I strongly suggest you use every media possible to promote your videos – Photobucket and SlideShare are examples of two other places to host videos for free. And these sites will also upload blog PDF copies and PowerPoint slides.

Losing my YouTube account turned out to be a great wake-up call for me, because, as it turns out, I’m a better at writing than videos. And it’s always a good idea to focus more on what you do well.

I like to re-post content in several different forms – images, videos, articles, forums and blog posts – the object is to get as many high authority sites linking back to your blog.

How can you tell what is high authority? When you download the toolbar from ‘’, any site you load will automatically give you’re the score (Google’s way of telling you how popular a site is). The lower the score, the more popular the site, and the popular the site, the stronger the page ranking.